About US

Who we are?

We are in the business of providing clean used Mini Trucks and Mini Vans including needed parts to our customers. We have two locations in Japan with a network of dealers that work with us which enables us to pass on the quality and price to our dealers and end users.

Our partners in Japan operate new and used car dealerships with large full service repair facilities. We also have access to parts and experiences that many others don’t have.

What do we offer?

We are a direct importer for both the 2WD and the 4WD versions of the Mini Trucks and Vans. We offer only CLEAN, DEPENDABLE and QUALITY vehicles. We are confident that all Mini Trucks and Vans we sell are of the highest quality. All of our Mini Trucks and Vans are in great condition and they are thoroughly inspected, cleaned and serviced prior to loading for shipment in Japan. We want satisfied customers, we don’t just sell one, we want repeated business. We want to make sure that you are satisfied and wanting to tell others about us, we will try to do everything we can to make that as our goal. We also offer special orders as far as Mini Dump Truck, Mini Cargo Truck/Vans and Mini Truck for various applications. Just let us know what you are thinking of or wanting, we may be able to help.

Why do you get the Japanese Export Certificate (Title) and Bill of Sale?

We want our customers to have the proper documentations. All of our vehicles come with an Original Japanese Export Certificate (Title) issued by the Japanese DMV and Bill of Sale. We provide the Original Japanese Export Certificate (Title) with Bill of Sale to assure our customers that these vehicles are NOT SCRAPS!. We don't provide copies, we provide an original certificate. Please be aware of those that DON'T HAVE the Original Japanese Export Certificate (Title) issued by the Japanese DMV and selling them with only Bill of Sale. In order to Export a vehicle as a vehicle from Japan, the Japanese Government requires that Certificate of Title to be transferred to Export Certificate Title prior to submittal of required documentation for Export Clearance when exporting vehicles from Japan. If Exporters don't have these proper documentations then the vehicles are considered SCRAP and they are prohibited in sending them as a vehicle. The reason for this is to prevent theft of vehicles and to assure that the vehicle was not salvaged and it was in proper working condition prior to switching over to Export Certificate Title. When the Exporters are unable to produce the required documentation, they simply can not send the vehicle, unless they take it apart by an authorized Salvage Yard Operator with proper Salvage License. Before the Salvage Yard can take the vehicle apart they must submit a proper documentation to the Japanese DMV and apply for Kaitai Maso, basically Salvage Title in order to be able to take the vehicles apart "legally". When the Scrap or used parts are exported from Japan, they don't come with the Original Japanese Export Certificate (Title) for that vehicle, therefore all the sellers can offer is "Bill of Sale".

Why we are different?

We are different from most of our competitors, we have bilingual speakers in the United States and in Japan with many contacts throughout Japan. The ability to communicate right is one of the most important factors in our business. We have highly qualified and experienced maintainers and inspectors at both sides when it comes to Mini Trucks and Vans. This allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality Mini Trucks and Vans directly from Japan.

Our Exclusive Partners in Japan

We have Exclusive Partners in Japan to provide us with needed parts and maintenance and repair consultation. Our ability to get hard to find parts with reasonable pricing is just one of our trades. We also have a network of reputable dealers with several buyers procuring the best Mini Trucks and Vans available, which mean quality and dependable vehicles to our customers. This also allows our customers to be able to maintain their vehicles at a low cost with a reliable source for parts.

Our Japanese partners inspect all of our vehicles prior to procuring them. Once the vehicle reaches our partner’s facility in Japan, they are gone through to ensure that the vehicle is in good working order prior to shipment to US. We strive to provide our customers with clean well maintained used Japanese Mini Trucks and Vans directly to you. We also provide new and used parts for Mini Trucks and Vans. In some instance, we also provide our customers with right hand drive (RHD) vehicles, car chassis, and collector car from Japan.

Dealer Network

We want to invite dealers to join our Dealer Network to buy the Mini Trucks and Vans through our partners in Japan. With Dealer Network we can help each other by saving money and make parts more readily available to our customers. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to include you in the Dealer Network.

We have two locations in the US for distribution. Our locations in the US are currently located in Mojave, CA and soon in Nashville, Arkansas. We commonly ship to Los Angeles Port and transport them to other locations throughout the US. We are direct importers of used Mini Trucks and Vans, parts and both light and heavy equipment. Just get in touch with us.